Welcome to the 66th University Games, National Taiwan University in the 2015 academic year.

Bulletin of Department of Athletics, NTU

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  1. Aim: To build up the atmosphere of doing sports, to maintain physical and mental health of the staff and students, and to keep friendly contact between them. contact school staff and students feelings, especially for organizing the Games.

  2. Categories: Swimming/Track & Field/ Group Games/Carnival Game

  3. Location and Time:

Swimming: Open-Air Swimming Pool, NTU Main Campus. Begins at 13:00, Oct.17th (Saturday), 2015

Track & Field: Athletic field, NTU Main Campus. From 08:00, Nov.21st (Saturday) to 12:00, Nov.22nd (Sunday), 2015

Carnival Game: Athletic field, NTU Main Campus. On Nov.21st (Saturday) and Nov.22nd (Sunday), 2015


※Requirement: NTU Students, staff, alumni, and students studying in NTU School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies.